The swim course of 750m starts in the river upstream of the iconic 14 arch bridge spanning the river Taw. Competitors will start the race by swimming downstream through the bridge and return to the point where they entered, (after taking a close look at the underside of the bridge). Supporters will be clammering to spot their loved ones as they pass under the bridge and out theother side in a manner reminiscent of human “Poohsticks”! Once the competitor return to the slipway it will be short run to the transitionarea (T1) which is located on the town square adjacent to the clock tower conveniently positioned opposite the epicentre of cycling in Barnstaple the“Bikeshed”.
After the competitors have metamorphised from swimmer to cyclist they willtake to the cycle route which is a fast ride down the A361 to West Buckland and then loop back. The 24km (14.5mile) course has been designed to alleviate right turns making the course safe and manageable. Upon return to the transition area (T2) competitors will then rack their bikes
and start the final discipline.
STRAVA : Bike route
The 5km (3.1mile) run course is entirely off road around the paved tracks of Rock park. The final section of the run is on a closed section of road leading to the finish arch where you will be greeted with a finishers medal a tee shirt and
goody bag for your efforts.
STRAVA: Run route